आईएफएससी कोड क्या होता है – What is IFSC Code in Hindi

जब आप नेटबैंकिग करते हैं तो आपसे अक्‍सर आईएफएससी कोड (IFSC Code ) पूछा जाता है, असल में RTGS और NEET करते समय आईएफएससी कोड (IFSC Code ) का इस्‍तेमाल होता है, आईये जानते हैं IFSC code क्या है? इसका क्या use होता है? आईएफएससी कोड क्या होता है – What is IFSC Code in … Read more

What is NEFT, All Information Related to NEFT Transfer, Timing

What Is NEFT And How Does It Work?  What Is The Process Of NEFT Transfer , What Subject Does NEFT Relate To, Neft Timings, Neft Full Form, Neft Transfer Time, Neft Meaning, How Much Is Neft Limit, How Much Does Neft Charges Cost, Neft Transfer Timings, Difference Between Neft And Rtgs, What Is NEFT, Neft Full Form In Banking,  All These Things And All Information Related … Read more


With the advancement of technology, it has become much easier to transfer money from one bank to another. Currently, two systems are known for electronic bank transfer, NEFT and RTGS. Let us know that both of these have been launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Also Read – How Much Do You Know About NEFT … Read more

How Much Do You Know About NEFT

If you have an account in your bank and you keep doing normal transactions then you must have heard about the term NEFT and if you use internet banking, then you will be well aware of this term, if not, then let’s go about it Let’s talk. Actually, NEFT is the full name of the … Read more