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Top 4 Methods to Increase Citibank Credit Card Limit Online

Want to Increase Citibank Credit Card Limit Online?

Citibank is one of the renowned banks in India which provides amazing banking services to its customers.

Citibank Credit Card is one such facility. Customers using Citibank Credit Card often requires to increase the credit limit of the card. Here are the top 4 methods by which one can increase Citibank Credit Card Limit Online.

Customers often get tired of spending hours on bank premises just to submit a form, however, Citibank credit card limit can be increased online or via SMS. Credit card users can also call to Citibank customer care number in order to increase the credit limit of card. Check out the steps and methods on how to increase the credit card limit.

Citibank Credit Card Limit Increase Online

The top 4 methods of Citibank credit card limit increase is

Increase Credit Limit in Citibank Card via SMS

Trustworthy and regular credit card users receive SMS and e-mails for automatic credit card limit increase

  • Send the mail to [email protected] by agreeing to terms and conditions
  • Once you send the mail, compose a message as YES <space> CLI to 5284 or 9880752484
  • You will receive a confirmation message
  • Confirm your choice and continue
  • Your Citibank Credit Card limit will be increased

Citibank Credit Card Limit Increase via Net-banking

  • Go to Citibank net-banking account online
  • Enter your User ID and password and click on the Login button
  • Now click on the Services tab and then select ‘Credit Card Services’
  • In the Card Management section, click on Request a Credit Limit Increase
  • Select the credit card of which you want to increase the limit
  • The current status of the credit card, amount, balance will be displayed
  • Enter the revised credit limit and the effective date and click on the continue button
  • Your Credit card limit will be increased from the effective date provided

Call Citibank Credit Card customer care number

  • Call Citibank Credit Card customer care at 1860 210 2484
  • Now connect the call to the agent and ask for a credit card limit increase
  • After verification, your request will be processed

You can also send the mail to [email protected] from the registered e-mail address to increase the credit card limit.


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