Loan EMI Calculator

EMI Calculator – Calculate Your Loan EMI Online

The credit market in India is steadily on the rise. It is currently the 4th largest credit industry in the world, recording a CAGR of over 11% year-on-year. A vast majority of these advances are short-term credits such as personal loans and credit cards. Combined, these two financial products account for 78% of all credit lending in India. Loan repayments include EMIs and borrowers should consider the EMI amount to accurately plan their current and future finances.

There are several EMI calculators available online; one must choose an accurate EMI calculator and learn its usage to calculate the exact EMI amount they are liable to pay for a loan.

FAQs on EMI Calculator

  1. Are the calculators for home, car and personal loans the same?

    In most cases they can be the same since all three loans work off the same basic set of information like amount borrowed, prepayments, tenure, interest rates and processing fee however with some calculators there could be a restriction placed on the amount to borrow based on the type of loan.

  2. Is the Equated Monthly Instalment amount shown by the calculator the same as that which the bank will ask me to pay?

    When it comes to the EMI, assuming that the bank will approve the amount and tenure, the exact instalment that you will have to pay may differ slightly since there is a chance that things like the interest rates and the processing fee may be a bit different from what you used while calculating the due amount.

  3. What happens if I fail to make an Equated Monthly Instalment payment?

    The bank will charge a penalty fee if a borrower misses an EMI payment. A missed or delayed instalment payment will reflect on your credit report. Not making loan due amount payments on time can have a negative effect on your credit score.

  4. Is my loan EMI fixed or can it change over the loan tenure?

    In the case of a business loan and home loan, banks offer floating rate of interest. Therefore, your loan instalment may change with the change in interest rate. Some banks allow you keep the Equated Monthly Instalment constant while increasing the loan tenure. Loan prepayment can also change your due amount. Banks will give you the option to either keep the EMI constant and decrease the loan tenure or reduce the Equated Monthly Instalment and keep the loan tenure the same.

  5. Is it good to pre-close a loan before the end of its tenure?

    Pre-closing your loan before the end of its tenure can have a negative effect on your credit score. Making timely due payments can help you improve your credit score. Therefore, opt to prepay a part of your loan (not the whole loan) and reduce the loan tenure to save up on interest payments. Banks charge a penalty fee for prepayment.