What is MPIN? How to Get it

The full form of MPIN is “Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number”. When you do a Transaction using a mobile, it works as a password. It is a secret code of 4 digits (6 digits in some banks) which is similar to ATM PIN code. But it is different from ATM PIN.

MPIN is used only when you transact through mobile. Keep in mind that this is a sensitive code. You should keep it safe. Do not write it anywhere. Banks give this code to their customers when they register for Mobile Banking. You can set your MPIN using UPI App and USSD Banking.

What is required for MPIN: – 

There are 2 types of Authentication done to protect Banking Transaction. Like you get money from ATM using your ATM and PIN. In the same way when you use mobile, then Authentication should be done in 2 ways.

In Mobile Banking, the first Authentication is your Mobile Number. This is the reason that you can do Mobile Banking only through Registered Mobile Number.

Second Authentication is your MPIN. Only you know it and you can remember it. This makes your Mobile Transaction secure. If there is no MPIN, then anyone can do Mobile Transaction using your Mobile.

You will be surprised to know that ATM PIN can also be used as MPIN. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) does not want to expose the ATM PIN, so both these pins will be kept separate. And both services will work independently.

Use of MPIN: – 

MPIN is a very important code in Mobile Banking. This is required only for funds transfer using your mobile. It is used in the following Transaction mode: –

  • Mobile App Banking
  • SMS banking
  • USSD banking
  • UPI apps
  • IMPS
  • IVR

How to get MPIN: –

To use MPIN, you need to register for Mobile Banking. When you register for Mobile Banking, then your bank will give you MPIN with User ID. You can also create it yourself using USSD Banking and UPI Apps. Using UPI App the process of obtaining MPIN is very simple. You just need to login to UPI App and you will get the option to create MPIN.

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